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Temporary Airbrush Tattoos & Body Art  
Outstanding entertainment value for your next party, fete,community, sporting, or corporate event, Product or New Company or Store Launch, or school holiday program. 
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Victorian Working with Children Check approved.
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Happy Tatts Online is the premier Temporary Airbrush Tattoo (TAT) and Body Art business servicing Melbourne and country Victoria.

As traditional tattoos have become more mainstream in our culture, Temporary Airbrush Tattoos (tats) are exploding on the scene as a superior alternative to permanent tattoos. 

Temporary Tattoos, like all other beauty accents, are temporary.  Temporary because taste and preferences change.

People are learning that just as you wouldn't want to wear the same shirt out every day, we don't want to be tied down to permanent, painful, expensive tattoos.

Happy Tatts  provides the Temporary Airbrush Tattoo wearer with a fun, safe, hypo-allergenic, temporary and removable way to make his or her own unique fashion statement and enjoy  the fun with friends.

10 Reasons Why people of all ages love our TATS

    1. TATTS are fun. Liven up gatherings of all ages.

    2. TATTS to show your mates, or keep secret.

    3. TATTS are painless, safe  and affordable.

    4. TATTS take minutes to apply and can last up
        to 1 week but can be removed if required.

    5. TATTS are safe, we only use Australian Made
         FDA Approved  inks.

    6. Express yourself. with total freedom, we have
        Happy TATTS for all occasions.

    7. We have over 1000 designs for you to 
         choose from:  classic, tribal, butterfly,
        dolphins,  dragons, kanji, animals, cartoons and

    8. HappyTATTS are always appropriate....they are
        waterproof, but can be removed with regular
        rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

    9. We can even design a TATT specially for
         your  event, featuring a positive messages or
         your logo, your choice.

    10. Happy TATTS really put the happy into
          any  occasion.

We can make your function  or fundraiser truly memorable.


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