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Tattoos are expensive and painful, but worse, they are permanent. What you want at sixteen isn't what you want at thirty. In fact, the beauty accent that you want at the beach isn't necessarily the one that you want at work.

Temporary Tattoos, like all other beauty accents, are temporary.
Temporary because taste and preferences change. What looks good on us today changes with age and circumstance.

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos offer the best way to express your personality and to be special. This fact, together with affordability anda large range of designs  to choose from as well as easy and fast application, makes TATTS the preferred choice in beauty accents.  

·  Is there any risk painting my skin?
   No the ink we use is non-toxic cosmetic body paint, all ingredients are FDA approved.

·  Does it hurt to get a Happy Tatt Airbrush Tattoo?
   This is one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer is NO! it can be a little bit cold. When
  people approach one of our locations for the first time, they immediately notice the artist pointing a tattoo
  airbrush at the person being "tattooed". Since most people are not very familiar with the airbrush, it is often
   mistaken for a  real tattoo gun. This peaks interest and adds to the intrigue, which in turn helps build hu

·  How are Happy Tatt tattoos applied?
    Tattoos are applied via airbrush utilising non-toxic cosmetic body ink and one of our custom stencil designs.
    The area is sterilised prior to application then set with setting powder to ensure instant drying.

·  How long does a Happy Tatts Airbrush Tattoo last?
  Airbrush Tattoo's are instant drying, water resistant, and can last from a few days to two weeks. It can be
  removed  instantly with isopropyl alcohol or baby oil. The duration of the tattoo depends mainly on how it is
  cared for.

How should I care for my airbrush tattoo?
Depending on where it is placed, your tatt can last from a few days to two weeks depending on skin type, 
  what activities you do, and how you care for it.
  There are certain things that
you can do to make them last as long as possible:

  • Choose an area of your body that won't get rubbed by clothing (such as the
    waistband area) or get laid on while you are sleeping (such as the back of your neck
    if you are a back sleeper or your left arm if you sleep on that side.)

  • Tattoos are very water-resistant, but they will rub off.  When showering, wash
    around the area, and pat gently when toweling off.

  • Tattoos are removable with alcohol or oil. 

  • If you consume a lot of alcohol, you will sweat it out of your pores and it will shorten the life of your tattoo.

  •  Body oil will loosen the paint from your skin, so apply powder or cornstarch to it at least twice a
    day, and after showering or swimming, or if you get sweaty.



  • A prolonged swimming session will definitely shorten the lifespan of the design,
    possibly removing it all together

  • Slides are really hard on them if the slide comes in contact with the tattoo.   

  • Avoid direct contact with lotion, oils, alcohol, or soap.

  • Humid conditions will affect the life of the tattoo.   Powder frequently (use a non-cosmetic powder - face powder contain mineral oils that can reduce the longevity of your body art.)

   Here are a few simple instructions to follow in order to maximize the duration of your Airbrush Tattoo.
    Pat dry: After showering or swimming
    Powder: After showering or swimming
    Avoid: Direct contact with oils, lotions and soap

    To Remove: Apply rubbing alcohol or baby oil or scrub with a microfibre cloth.

 ·  How many designs do you have?
    We have 500+ stencil designs, to choose from including tribal arm bands to butterflies and everything
    in between.  We provide a something for everyone. We can even design a Happy Tatt especially for your
    function featuring a positive message or your logo.

·  What kind of paint do you use, and how safe is it for the skin?
    Happy Tatts Airbrush Paints come in many colours, normal, fluorescent, designed  specifically for application
    to the skin. Produced in Australia and the USA with FDA approved skin safe ingredients.

·  What is the required set up for having an airbrush artist at my event?
    The set up is a 3m x 3m area and access to a powerpoint.

·  What type of events do you do?
    We offer our services to many venues, we can accommodate: special events,Community events and
    fundraisers, marketing events, grand openings, sporting events, fetes, carnivals, promotions, graduations &
    Debutante Balls, pool parties, school holiday and after school programs, holiday parties, birthdays to name a
    few, you name it we can probably do it.

·  Do you provide all necessary components for the venue?
   Yes, all we need is a space and we are ready to go.

·  How much do you charge?
    We offer various packages, it depends on the event. Individual tattoos range from $7 to $30 depending on the
    size and complexity of tattoo. For private bookings or special events and fundraisers please contact us
    to discuss our special rates.

·  Do you have insurance?   Yes, Absolutely.

  • Have you passed the Victorian Working with Children Check?     Yes, Absolutely

·  What is so special about your business?
     We are a family owned and run business. Our commitment is to provide a unique and innovative experience
     to your events. Happy Tatts Airbrush Tattoos are designed to be a safe and fun activity for individuals,
     families and people of all ages. We enjoy being part of your special occasion and it shows. Liven up your next
     gathering, invite Happy Tatts along and watch the smiles begin....



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